A new beginning

Getting started is as exciting as it is humiliating.

Thanks to my girlfriend good friend Kandi I had the guts to finally DOWNLOAD a video editing program, after getting scared shitless by them a few years ago, especially when I wanted to create DVD menus and fit multiple movies into one DVD disc.

After getting past my phobias I found that there's an interesting "hook" to this, albeit to me it has been more uphill than when I learned to work with pictures. Aaaand now I'm not feeling nostalgic.

I remember back in 2001 on MSN Chat, under my countless "dark" nicknames (DeathAwaitsUs, DethPhantom, DarthEd, etc, you get the idea) I "met" these other "goths" that mainly revolved around giving you vague answers (the less you talk the more mysterious you supposedly are) and their personal info, if any, mainly consisted of dark vomit like this:

•°o.O DaRkBuTtErFlY O.o°•

I am.... only me...

99 years old / F / Nowhere and Everywhere... I am timeless...

-insert random Boris Vallejo demon here-

This is my pet... Succubus...

-insert stupidly overused animated GIF here-

Anyway, so among these "goths" I met a girl, older than me, that had amazing pictures. Back then I didn't know what Photo Manipulation meant, but apparently she painted the artwork, photographed it, and her friend would edit her into it. Me being one of those desperate "goths", I tried to find out to I would go to do that, can you imagine a poser with fangs and blood falling off his nickname?!?!

Back then, to me, that was surreal, but it was the first step into what would become more than a hobby or sudden interest. By this time I had only messed about with MS Paint, I would crop pictures and copy/paste sections to hide logos or unwanted text. It was pretty simple stuff, but it had its amazing limitations. Starting with the fact that Paint doesn't have Anti-Alias except when you use its own Text tool (Anti Alias in a nutshell is the softness of a border against another, so that it doesn't look like sharp squares when you edit something). So by the time I wanted to clone backgrounds, I found myself copying and ugly square bricks, and I couldn't even edit them!

But my HP Pavilion 510c was my very own first computer, and as expected from these big worthless companies, it came pre-loaded with useless software, but ONE of those pre-installed pieces of shit was actually useful.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio SE

It was a program that was not quite Photoshop but not as basic as Paint, it was here that I learned of cloning, layering and other small tidbits that are basic now but back then were mind blowing.

Here are some of the things I made on it, these are embarrassing at the very least and LULZY at most:

Funny and pathetic, right? I told you I was a depressive fucktard back then, not because I was actually depressed but because I WANTED to look like one, like so many others back then. But that does not prepare you for my most phlegm-covered shit pie from almost a decade ago... my very first photo-manipulation (on ArcSoft PhotoStudio).

You can stop laughing now. No. Really. I can hear you all the way over here.

Okay, so why did I resort boring you with this trip down memory lane? Because, as I mentioned at first in this post, I'm tapping into video editing and much like my first photo-manipulation, this is my very first video.

I didn't have a lot to work with, but it was a nice way to practice. Enjoy.


  1. What the fuck. And you DARE to ridicule me because of the things I do when I'm drunk? As for the editing, I liked it but some of the effects seem to be what many first time video editors use just because they're available. So from what I can gather you plan on editing more videos? In that case I expect your style to become more advanced just like ít did with your artwork.

  2. Is this what I have to do to get you to comment again? Damn, I have a long road of humiliating videos ahead of me.

  3. I'm not going to say no to that. Redemption, motherfucker. However I didn't not comment on purpose, I had computer troubles so I had limited access to the Internet. Though I got a new one now so it's all peachy.