A Russian Masterpiece

This was made back in 1946, no computers, no blue screen, no bullshit.


Super Mario Bros. Crossover

This is gonna kick so much ASS!

Two of my favorite NES games, in one. I'm eargerly waiting for it to be released. More info at explodingrabbit.com/

Just to clarify, the game is out, but the Ninja Gaiden addition is not out yet. To play as Samus Aran, Mega Man, Link, Simon from Castlevania and the guy from Contra visit the Newgrounds' version.


Visit mah frend : Injected Inspirations

What I can do on a computer, I lack in manual labor and creativity, at least nothing this damn spectacular.

I always admire people that turn what would otherwise be deemed garbage into real pieces of art. You can visit her Facebook page to find out more.


Dreth's Poopin by natedog

MyConfinedSpace's natedog decided to pull a lolcat with my pictures.

And his inspiration.

What a fucker.


Axl Rosario & Toño Rose

Toño Rosario & Axl Rose

Other similarities:

  1. Both their musical careers started in early 1980's but their names really took off in in the later years of that same decade.
  2. Their last names are related to the rose flower.
  3. Their second names begin with the letter A (Antonio and Axl).
  4. They love to dress up like idiots. Even more so than when it was OK in the 80's.
  5. They both have had a (ex)wife mentioned in at least two of their songs and music videos.
  6. They have never been spotted in the same place at the same time.

Otras simulitudes:

  1. Las carreras musicales de ambos comenzaron prácticamente comenzaron a principios de la década de los 80's pero sus nombres cobraron popularidad al final de dicha década.
  2. Sus apellidos estan relacionados con la rosa (flor).
  3. Sus segundos nombres comienzan con la letra A (Antonio y Axl).
  4. Les encantan vestirse como idiotas. Más ahora que cuando era un poco más aceptable en los 80's.
  5. Ambos han mencionado a una (ex)esposa en al menos dos de sus canciones y videos musicales.
  6. Ninguna ha sido vistos en el mismo lugar al mismo tiempo.


A new beginning

Getting started is as exciting as it is humiliating.

Thanks to my girlfriend good friend Kandi I had the guts to finally DOWNLOAD a video editing program, after getting scared shitless by them a few years ago, especially when I wanted to create DVD menus and fit multiple movies into one DVD disc.

After getting past my phobias I found that there's an interesting "hook" to this, albeit to me it has been more uphill than when I learned to work with pictures. Aaaand now I'm not feeling nostalgic.

I remember back in 2001 on MSN Chat, under my countless "dark" nicknames (DeathAwaitsUs, DethPhantom, DarthEd, etc, you get the idea) I "met" these other "goths" that mainly revolved around giving you vague answers (the less you talk the more mysterious you supposedly are) and their personal info, if any, mainly consisted of dark vomit like this:

•°o.O DaRkBuTtErFlY O.o°•

I am.... only me...

99 years old / F / Nowhere and Everywhere... I am timeless...

-insert random Boris Vallejo demon here-

This is my pet... Succubus...

-insert stupidly overused animated GIF here-