Portable Gaming

So I finally got around to looking for REAL games for my Samsung F250L, which serves more as a gaming device than a telecommunications tool.

Then I, by mistake, took it to the bathroom and as I sat there, concentrated on the master throne, I made a "quick deal" with myself (I do these all the time). I would play Super Puzzle Bobble (commonly known as Bust-A-Move also) on my cell phone and I would not get up from the toilet until I lost. Knowing this would be historic in my own two-dimensional world, I went to get my camera.

Pity for me, the game's aiming takes a bit getting used to, compared to the arcade and Super Nintendo versions, but I didn't let that affect me because on a single seating (pun fuckin' intended) I reached Round 26 with a high score of 130,460. That's an accomplishment for someone whose ass is getting its circulation cut off, dirty, emitting strange noises and my half-bathroom isn't a big one, so I can't stretch my legs either.

Pics you say? Sure!