Photoshop: Off My Chest

Was originally gonna be an alien or arm bursting out my chest but the dark grungy effect helps soothe the shitty quality of my camera. It's a response to people that post any and all Photoshop "thingies" they make online, instead of waiting to roll out something good.

Unfortunately I decided to show what I meant with one of's members because he posted a couple of Photoshop'd images of his, he's a cool dude from what it seems, but this is not different than my Two-Face picture, which was inspired by someone else's good concept but shitty Photoshop skills. You try to outdo people and in the process you learn new things. It's an universal competition AND collaboration. You take ideas and make them your own by adding your own "twist" to things.

I am aware of how arrogant this sounds, because I'm not great at Photoshop, but I've done a bunch of tidbits that aren't interesting or just look like crap and I don't post them because of that same reason, it's the quality that matters.

If anyone reads this, when you start off things like working on Photoshop or making tracks with FL Studio, or coding websites, or editing videos, etc. show it to people and ask for ways to improve upon it, always think your work isn't good enough, it's the only way to get better.

There will come a time in which you will look at your older stuff and go "WTF, I made this crap and thought it was good?!?!" it happens to all of us.


  1. Your two face picture looks great! I love Aliens!