We really should give women equal treatment

Sometimes the pointless crap I spout surprises me. The disclaimer here is that this applies to a lot of women I've seen/met but not ALL. So if you're offended by this, good, because it means that it applies to you.

Were women always so attentive of the whole "Mix 'n Match" game as they grew up?

Did they mix Pampers with suppositories?

Was playing with Barbies a hidden training for acting like the most shallow, superficial thunder cunts later on in life?

They can't go out if they don't have a shoe that mixes with that single yellow line on the lower back of her shirt that almost no one can see. Then, for every single combination of upper and lower clothing, they have two pairs of shoes, as if they were rainbows just waiting to happen. Sad part is that some say they do it to feel pretty, these are the same ones that lock themselves in their rooms to bitch and moan about their looks.

Then there are those that do it to impress others, sad part about THAT is that no one else gives a crap, with the exception of other, equally shallow women.

The irony of these women baffle me.

Let us ignore that a pissload of (rightfully) angry women seeked and obtained what is now commonly known as "Women's Rights" from what used to be (and still is at times) a totally chauvinist society.

Women have been otherwise described as the "weaker sex", although there's a lot of evidence to the contrary. This label is not entirely bad because, in the past, it meant they were also the sensitive ones, so they all needed pretty things. Romantic dinners, cute gifts, affection other than sex, etc.

That's all fine and dandy, because it countered all the chauvinist hypocrisy they had to otherwise put up with. So what of those things when the chauvinism is gone and they prove they can do anything men can? Should they still be treated like delicate flowers and pampered like retarded children with special needs?

The advocation for the same rights as men, is to make us all equal. Why do they still demand this extra caring from men? I'm sure that men that ask their ladies if they're fat is not the norm.

Try to find something about them being against wanting more attention or getting special treatment. Good luck.

A woman hitting a man is more socially-acceptable than vice-versa, I'm not saying hitting each other is okay but why would it be okay for one gender and not the other? Why can't it be EQUALLY wrong? Don't tell me it is, because no one in society reacts to a guy getting slapped, whereas a woman getting slapped is just 15 minutes away from seeing a man burned alive at the stake.

Or let's use a non-violent example of how women don't WANT equal treatment. Try watching a male bringing up the argument of "I don't have to buy you a gift on St. Valentine's Day, why don't you give me one and I'll give you grateful sex?", you can expect a bitch-storm. The devastating effects of those sum up in the millions of dollars in damage.

Too weak to take it when someone calls you fat? You think that paying for a movie, drink, dinner, etc. is unlady-like, but you want to be treated equally?

  • Manners? Not likely.
  • Old tradition? Maybe. But so would be not shaving your legs in order to marry a rich man.
  • Selective equality? OMG! YES!