Last (uninteristng) Post of the Year

Hay-llo there, it has been a busy month. Luckily I'm on vacations now so I hope to do some stuff worth posting. Whatever free time I did have I spent with my beloved girlfriend or working on The OUT Campaign's site. Not the original Richard Dawkin's one, obviously, on the local one, so that means I'm the designer and webmaster (if you could call it that) of Puerto Rico's Atheist Movement.

Oh and my dreaded birthday came and went, luckily some people made it easier for the pain of being a year older pass by almost unnoticed and Facebook witnessed it.

In other news, my girlfriend has been fascinated lately with Harley Quinn and she wanted some photo-manipulation done with a picture of us.


And fuck New Years.


  1. hi there... :)

    this is off topic, sorry. :D

    i saw your little article in a site about missing comment links.
    my site, (attach to this comment)is one of those sites that is suffering this problem....

    i installed intense debate and i google about answers and i didnt find anything useful.

    im missing the comment link.... whats worst, i couldnt uninstall my template.

    could you help me? :D

  2. I could be able to help but I need to understand the problem first.

    Are you using the default Blogspot comments or Intense Debate's?

    In Blogspot's comments I was missing the embedded comment form, you could see previous comments but couldn't add any unless you wanted it to be a Pop-Up comment form. When I manually added it to my custom template, I got a default ugly-looking comment form because there were no colors assigned to it.

    With THAT, I can help you.

    Intense Debate is a whole different thing.

  3. Brilliant work! I must appreciate this great work. Fascinating pic!