950 tries later, she's ready to kill

Back in February I talked about a South Korean woman that had failed the driving test more than 700 times.

I had missed one important aspect about the story. The exam was not the driving one, but the written one!

All these months I had thought that she passed the initial written exam and that she was simply a menace behind the wheel. Apparently she's a menace on paper also, because she passed the exam on her 950th try. I remember wanting to punch her stupid face back to Kim Woo's era, now I want to fuck her eye sockets.

Okay, maybe not.

Back in the office, she was the number one murderer of trees, now she sort of graduated Asshole School and can be a more selective murderer of, say... dogs, cats, chinchillas and people. On the bright side, it IS South Korea we're talking about. People drive like assholes all the time so she might just blend in perfectly.


  1. Refrainin from obvious joke.

  2. OKAY FINE! My ding-a-ling would be too small for her squinty eye sockets. Joke over.

  3. I don't know what your problem is, she's my fucking hero. You probably can't call it dedication but damn it she has a lot of whatever it is that she has. So yeah. Also what the fuck are those Pokemons in the background? Wow Firefox knows the word Pokemon.