Unbelievable Pong Shots

I wouldn't challenge any of these guys to beer games, ever.

Unless the point was to get drunk as fast as possible.


  1. Did I send you this? Or did you send it to me? xD
    My god I hate my bad memory

  2. Neither?

    I found it on Izismile.

  3. I was ready to be impressed by this if it weren't for the retarded high-fiving. It's like, I could practically hear them congratulate each other on their giant fucking pong shot dicks. "Yeeah my cock is huge, HIGH-FIVE!"
    Also, the majority of these were very calculated, anyone could figure it out after just a couple tries.

  4. I'm afraid you were treated to a different video than the one originally posted, the original was taken down from YouTube for idiotic reasons and I had to fill the gap with something.