GUY or GIRL?!? - The Jig is Up

The answer at long last is:

GUY (I know, fooled me too)

His name is Brad Clarke and he's on Facebook!

I know it's hard to believe, that's why I have the whole set of pics here to picture him from average being to downright gender-bender freaky.

Pretty normal, you could even argue that's the girlfriend of a serious-looking guy.

But he doesn't look all that serious.

He even begins looking a bit cuckoo.

Now he looks like a retarded hybrid between Jigglypuff and Bunchies

And thus, the result of this abnormal yet sentient being.


When Fashion meets Mediocrity

I don't care what you fashion-driven fuckheads think, I don't care if I'm a boring fart because I haven't had a new hairstyle in years, I don't care if I look outdated because I don't want to choke my balls and dick with my pants, I don't care if I look like a rejected hybrid of a skater/surfer/hippie, but part of the point is that I don't care that much about my looks as far as being up-to-date goes. So I shouldn't care about others' looks, right? Wrong. The difference is that they live caring about fitting in, what about when fitting in is over-the-top downright shit-through-your-eye-sockets ridiculous?

I've had it with these trendy cunts that 'steal' stupid crap from one another, then claim it theirs. This is directed at rappers or whatever the fuck you want to call those unoriginal scumbags.

1. The color pink

This was a brave bold move because they considered these colors to be associated with homosexuality, and sometimes it ain't far from the truth. But god damnit, it wasn't long after emos began wearing them that the rappers said "hey, maybe if we looked like human versions of Jigglypuff it'll be acceptable!"

So what's the difference between this

and this?


GUY or GIRL?!? Round 3

Third and last picture.

Tomorrow I unveil the mystery. Apparently it's a no contest for most people, they vote for girl. Big flabby girl.


Sand Animation

Lately it would seem I am putting up too many videos, but I can't help it. I can't be an angry person all the time, otherwise a rainbow would crawl up my leg and start biting the inside of my ass.

So now I bring you Kseniya Simonova, a female artist who turns something as simple as sand into a sentimental ride re-telling the story of Ukraine during World War II.

See if you can spot a Metallica song in that video.


GUY or GIRL?!? Round 2

Sorry, our department is still studying the DNA.

So step right up, place your bets!


It's the End of Area Metro as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

So an oil refinery plant has decided to blown up 12 of its 30 containers.

A considerable region of "Area Metro" (metropolitan area of Puerto Rico, but it's mostly used to describe the snobs from up north) was shaken in its very own foundation just to spread around half-assed news, everything raging from a massive prison break out from a hotel in flames. Some say a small aircraft crashed into the facilities, others especulate that it was an inside job. Nothing is certain except that morons on Facebook think they're reporters now.

This was the situation last night, quite frankly I hope they all burn to hell.

So... which do you think it was?

Premium or Regular?


GUY or GIRL?!?

The mystery of the century. Provided by FollowNobody.

I shall post the answer after [if] this picture gets published on



Now, for the big moment...

-drum roll-



Simplicity can be Confusing


Unbelievable Pong Shots

I wouldn't challenge any of these guys to beer games, ever.

Unless the point was to get drunk as fast as possible.


El Placer del Ser "Nadie"

Me pregunto que ha hecho al ser humano tan inservible que se cree que como UNICAMENTE puede vivir una vida decente es dedicando el 45%-85% de su vida entera a comerse libros.

Me fascinan como las ambiciones de las personas sólo se basan en lo material. Muy pocos se educan por alimentar su conocimiento. Mejores casas, mejores autos, tener el último Playstation, que por cierto tiene que hacer juego con su nuevo HD-TV valorado en la mitad lo que vale el carro del año que acabas de sacar junto al embrolle financiero que te persigue y al final sólo son lujos estúpidos. La gente no necesita nada de esto, sin embargo lo aman y se auto-hipnotizan para creer que si no es así, no pueden vivir en armonía. Que serán 'nadies'.

Mentalidad de estas personas:

¿Cómo consigo esto? Solamente trabajando.
¿Cuáles son las únicas personas que trabajan? ¡Nosotros! !solamente los que cargan con 10 años de conocimiento inservible a su lado somos las únicas personas trabajadoras y felices en el mundo!