Photoshop Remakes II

While not the same as the other remakes, these ones put the viewer into REALLY noticing the changes between Old vs. New. Humiliating myself just for the sake of saying "At least there's progress". I attempted to capture the essence of old pictures and re-done the entire concept with the current knowledge.

First up is the lamest one, while neither of them are new, it was the first to get this sort of treatment.

Dreth - Midgor

I've no idea what it's supposed to be, where the original background is from (I know it's on DeviantArt somewhere), or where the name came from.

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Mandie Angel

I remember doing this next one as commission work back in 2005, but it turned out so shit after a year I went back to it and sent it to the person, apologizing. I would apologize again, but the source material (her picture) was of very low quality and I had chopped parts of her in the original PSD so there was not much I could do.

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Drethiroth / Sephireth

Good ol' Sephiroth, poor guy has had so much overexposure that he's turned more of a playboy and less a menace to the planet. That and the ever-so-increasingly homosexual overtones of Final Fantasy characters does not help his popularity, at all. Back when Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was still in its teaser trailer days, few pictures were leaked, the first ones being of Sephiroth. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I decided to mock this joke of a villain and plastered my face on his.

Of course, after a while I found it more of an insult to me than to his fans, so I decided to remake it in order to gain a little bit of self-respect as far as mockery goes.

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Tainted Mirror

Although not a real remake, the first Mirror piece was done with the idea of seeing how the concept would look outside of my head, and since the overall response was good I decided to do it for real, with new pictures and all. Some people ended up liking the original better than the remake.

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Dreth - Energy

The one that says Dretho-Kun was meant to be a quick parody of whatever I had in mind at that time. But it always bothered me that whenever someone saw it, they would kind of like it. IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE LIKED! So I turned into Bitch-Ass Goku mode and made my latest masterpiece.

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