Mars AH-crap...

What if your childhood had a moment so kick-ass that it left you scared shitless, marking a permanent mark in a corner of your brain?

Well, apparently the pussies at Southway Junior School, in west Sussex, find it a crappy thing to witness an alien spaceship crash land, an invasion and having their teacher kidnapped. In all truthfulness, the crash and abduction are things to be excited about, especially if it's your teacher (hello, no classes?), getting invaded should worry you but for crying out loud, ever since 2nd Grade I've looked at the skies in hopes of seeing something out of ordinary and these fuckers are "traumatized" by it? I wouldn't be surprised if all these idiots were mostly emos.

It was clearly staged, even the police was in on it. The parents behaved like Kyle's fuckin' jew mom, complaining about raising their kids so poorly. My general response from both the school and police department would be "Harden the fuck up!".

If Europe decides to retaliate an alien invasion one day, do not recruit the ball-less cretins from this school. In fact, tie them up and leave them in the middle of the battlefield, I'm sure Galactus will have fun with them.