Videos so BAD, they're.... still bad

I remember back in the day, no YouTube, no DailyMotion, no easy way to host files and you had to install different media players just to see 'em online because whilst many sites were nice to Windows Media Player, bandwidth cheap-asses went for RealMedia formats.

Back then, videos were such a "big" thing (filesize-wise), I would download and burn them to CDs. They would lay right there next to my "Custom Themes" files, y'know the ones full of bullshit colors, backgrounds and inconsistent sound schemes.

Well now we have many video sites that let us relive hidden gems that would normally get lost in history. Here are some I wish would've stayed hidden.

Eddie Murphy with Michael Jackson - Whatzupwitu

I wish I had never found out about this, there's a little bit of everything, bad fashion, unintentional (or is it?) sexual innuendo, CGI clouds, butterflies and confetti. If you're willing to ignore the visual torture, you'll be haunted by Eddie Murphy's strained-balls-struggle version of "singing".

David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling

There's a weird mix of hilarity and idiocy in this one. And even if it's The Hoff, it won't stop it from being downright rotten. I only made it as far as the country setting with the floating angels and mirrored dogs barking at green-screened David the first time around. Wanna beat my record?

Jordy - Dur dur d'être bébé! (It's hard to be a baby!)

I simply cannot express in words how much I hate this used Q-Tip of a kid. Back then, I thought it was a baby babbling on and on incoherently while saying "bay-beh", then after 15 years I stumble upon the song on YouTube just to find out he's french, annoying and the video that landed him (or his parents) a good amount of money can be easily reproduced by recording any stupid couple with kids meeting at the park to talk about salt and pepper shakers and how anal sex just isn't cutting it.

Sometimes you just watch a video and ask yourself how is it related to the song it plays, Dream Theater's "Hollow Years" comes to mind in my case. So DustFilms take it to the next logical level. Let's make the SONG talk about the VIDEO instead of the other way around. And you know what? It's delicious.  

Take on Me: Literal Video Version


  1. If I watch one more of these videos my genitals are going to implode and turn into a snatch. Although, to be honest, I do like the A-Ha video. There's some beautiful pencil art and rotoscoping going on.

  2. Take On Me is a GREAT song and video, I should've made it clearer that it wasn't on the "Bad" list. My bad.