Blog News: Older Comments MIA

I had noticed older posts with comments still had the old system of commenting. Not only was it visually unappealing but personally I didn't like having "broken" pages so I decided to do away with them all and now all posts, old and new, are IntenseDebate operated.

So if there were any comments made by you in these older posts and if you care that much you can re-post them.

Here's a picture to make this post more interesting:

Actual photograph taken by a friend of mine over the area of San Juan, Puerto Rico. If this doesn't define us as mongrels, I don't know what does.


Stupid-ass IntenseDebate now can't even give me the correct code in order to reinstall it.

**UPDATE #2**

Thank you for nothing, IntenseDebate. When you get your shit sorted out, I'll check you out. In the meantime, blogger comment form. In all its crappy fashion. Apologies to anyone that posted during the IntenseDebate era.