Positive side of the Swine Flu paranoia

So people say I'm pessimistic, well this will show you otherwise!

  1. Let us start by not calling it the Swine Flu but Piggy Achoo.
  2. We can also acknowledge no infected pigs have been found.
  3. The death toll has not even reached a two-digit number, as oppossed to the alleged 152 deadbeats.
  4. So why are we linking it to pork?
  5. Having said the above, we can call BS on the whole thing and hate the government, which is the cool thing to do.

BUT, what would be the worst case scenario?

People would die en masse. Which is what any sane god would want!

How's that for positive thinking?



1 comment:

  1. "Piggy Achoo"

    There's a special place in hell for people like you.
    But it made me laugh until my stomach hurt, so I guess I'm going too.

    You pessimist.