Geeky Update

Hiatus OVER!

Personally, I wanted to wait until I had my computer completely set up before I made another entry but I felt I had to share something. Not because of you, non-existent readers, but because I had a feeling of abandonment with myself. Regarding the blog at least.

On a less geeky note, I chopped off half my hair. (this was before the video shown below)

So, to bring you up to speed:

My old ASUS motherboard short-circuited, and even though my idea was to beat the living crap of my old PC, NOT buy any components for it and then get me a decent PC as time went out, I went for upgrading a lot of things as well. I was behind, way behind, in terms of hardware.

Old Stuff:

Intel Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
ATi Radeon x1650 Pro AGP 512 MB
XBlade Case

New Stuff:

ASRock G31M-S
Intel Core2 Duo 2.80 GHz
nVidia GeForce 6600 512 MB PCI-E (for now)
ATi Radeon HD 4830 1GB PCI-E (in a few weeks)
Generic case full of stickers and less holes

The DVD writers and hard drives are the same, but soon I will be replacing the two 80 GB hard drives, which are IDE, with a single 160 GB SATA one.

So pretty much everything is newer, albeit the initial move was an involuntary one, I knew this would happen at some point.

Here's a small vid, goofing around with the [also] new webcam, modeling the extreme case modding at hand.