Pencil Carving

So whenever I see art made with normal everyday things, it baffles me. Someone took something made with a specific purpose and against all common sense went and made something worth appreciating. Well the latest example for me is a Japanese webpage that has not been updated since 2001 but the content needs no fancy presentation as it speaks for itself. Next up, pencil carvings and lame jokes:

Now this is a real statement. Pencil sharpeners? FUCK YOU!

This should keep it chained down to the desk. Ha-Ha! Right? Right?----
ah... shit.

The shape gives me an idea for a weapon:
  1. Fill it with super glue
  2. Insert bees
  3. Throw it at someone
  4. ????
  5. Profit!

This is pure bad-ass. And useless, but bad-ass indeed.

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