Mexico is Angry? GOOD!

I'm pissed. Once again.

This time it's with mexicans.

I don't give them a whole lot of attention because I respect some of them. Specifically the ones that wanted to kill the Emos. That was a nice gesture.

But now Sonora is basically complaining about their own people going back to their homes.

No, I'm not being my typical self and constructing incoherent sentences. The people left, illegally, to Arizona. Now there's a law that kicks their asses out, so they have to go home empty handed to come up with new schemes on how to keep bothering North America with their presence. This creates an overflow of stinky people going back at a fast pace to the same place, and now Sonora is full of unemployed sombreros. And Mexico is pissed.

Did I say I was pissed? Forget that, I meant I was laughing at Mexico.


How does it feel to have a taste of your own medicine, ingrate fuckers?!


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