Indirect Easter Post

So I didn't post yesterday (Holy Friday or whatever gay shit you want to call it) because it felt too good to have nothing to do. I normally have nothing to do but I hadn't felt so useless in such a long time, I orgasmed.

That and the fact any rambling on such a day would be predictable, so I sparred myself the routine of saying "Fuck Christianity and any sort of religion that is affiliated". The only good thing that comes out of this "holy" whole week is that you get days off from work. Seeing that also tells me that I'm a hypocrite for bitching about some religious things and endorsing others.

Christians love to have SOME things for interpretation and SOME things to be taken literally when reading the Stupid Book, on accordance to how they want to perceive reality.

So if we're talking about hypocrites, I'm just a molecule compared to others.

But nevermind that, the real topic of the post is justifying my disregard for humanity's well-being. See, I can't say I "hate" humanity because that implies me giving a whole fucking lot about them, but I don't see a reason to like it either. I don't need to hand out different reasons or explanations. I think anyone with a brain, or a heart at least, will understand this:

That, my friends, is a good enough reason for disliking the people in the world today. That image alone tells me that we as human beings for most part:

  • Don't care about what happens to the environment for the sake of being "civilized"
  • Turn the other cheek because this planet was meant for us, we just have to worry about being good to one another and worship whatever entity you like most
What is wrong with us? We set out to understand and what plants, animals and other natural elements are good for yet we don't sit back to look at ourselves and say "hey, y'know, let's blow everything up, let's become cavemen. Let's use natural resources, let us shower in the river and have bad breath, let's shit on the grass! Let's go back to being animals, because that's what we still are, we just do more damage than any other animal. No? Why not? Because we're used to it, we're arrogant and we want not to change for Earth, but for Earth to change for us. Melodramatic? Over-emotional? Plain stupid? Maybe. But little by little we're seeing how we will crumble because of our own weight. I just hope that I'm long gone before all that happens. This is why any beliefs about supermen up in the sky mean shit to me. Those supermen should tell us to clean up our act and not worship them, are their egos so shattered they must create incompetent beings to kiss their asses? To me, it all sounds like more arrogance, but not godly arrogance, manly arrogance. Yesterday I was supposed to be reminded of why someone I'm not even sure existed died for "my" sins (yet they're all someone else's), to remember the past, to dwell on some old debt, and yet to me it's another stupid reason to ignore the real problems today.