TheSaltinez Giveaway

Being a long-time member of TheSaltinez, as you may or may not have noticed because it's linked on the right column, I like free stuff.

I don't download it from TS all the time but it's still free stuff, but I'm mostly there just to retain the "Random librarian guy from Puerto Rico" position I've worked so hard for.

Well now I want to work very little and gain something, since working hard doesn't pay off. I'd love a kick-ass monitor. Not only would it be the only expensive thing I have in my room, but I'm sure it'll help with my back/eyesight problems. This god damn monitor sucks and I have to lean forward (sometimes unconsciously) just to read.

So by making a blog that TheSaltinez is having a giveaway valued...hmm around $1,500 dollars, you can help me. How? Just hope that I'll win, because that'll make me a happier person and that means a lot more insults. Oh, and feed my cat. That's important. The prizes are:
  • Xbox 360 Elite + Resident Evil 5
  • Hanns·G HG-281DPB Black 27.5" Widescreen LCD
  • 12 Month Membership to
  • 1 Year RapidShare Account + Lifetime Platinum Megaupload Membership Account
  • Lifetime VIP Status

So let's see if I can have a little bit of luck.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I've noticed the link already. Good site.

    And I made an account. My username is Antagonista. I'll get to posting.
    You owe me one.

    Also, random librarian guys from Puerto Rico rule.