No end for The Vatican's ass-hattery Part II

Sometimes wishing people would just shut up isn't enough, you reach a point in which you believe their death is the only thing that will keep them quiet.

Now The Palpatine Pope is trying to tell Africa, responsible for practically 3/4 of AIDS-infected victims (or dumb broads, take your pick), to not use condoms. Claiming telling people to have sex WITH condoms just tells them to fornicate. Forget about the fact they will fuck each other senseless regardless, but if it's with a condom it's worse! His recommendation? Abstinence. Again.

Sometimes I think that despite all the progress the Catholic Church has made (such as christian metal bands), they're essentially stuck in the "Land Before Time" time line. While abstinence is not a bad thing, telling millions of people to stop having sex until they marry is an illogical and lazy way to try and stop AIDS from spreading. If it were up to me I'd drop Agent Orange on 'em, but despite how unlawful or immoral money-grubbing world leaders are, they find such acts as "unethical". Whoop dee fuckin' doo.