Childhood Memories


Street Fighter Movie Disasters

First off, I'm an old fan of Street Fighter. Ever since I heard the famous and overused "Hadoken" at the arcades back in 1993 or so, I was instantly in love with the baddest of the baddest arcades machines at that time.

I still love playing on emulator the classic Street Fighter II, the Alpha prequels and even the Street Fighter The Movie arcade game. That one may sound a bit strange, seeing as nobody enjoys playing it, but the attempt at making a Mortal Kombat-esque Street Fighter is nothing to be sniffed at.

Now the movie itself the game is based on is a whole other story. Having recently read an old forum thread about one of the games' designers, I couldn't help but go back to watching the panned movie, Street Fighter The Movie (1994). Then forced myself, against all of my senses (all 1 ½ of them), to watch Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li (2009). To compare them is to think you can measure Beavis & Butt-Head with King of the Hill. They're related but too different. But I can't help to bring them together when it comes to disappointing me.

And I was surprised to find the least disappointing one has a character that for no real reason changes his outfit at the end of the movie to fight troops of Shadaloo's psychotic and twisted enforcer, General M. Bison. With shiny red gloves.


TheSaltinez Giveaway

Being a long-time member of TheSaltinez, as you may or may not have noticed because it's linked on the right column, I like free stuff.

I don't download it from TS all the time but it's still free stuff, but I'm mostly there just to retain the "Random librarian guy from Puerto Rico" position I've worked so hard for.

Well now I want to work very little and gain something, since working hard doesn't pay off. I'd love a kick-ass monitor. Not only would it be the only expensive thing I have in my room, but I'm sure it'll help with my back/eyesight problems. This god damn monitor sucks and I have to lean forward (sometimes unconsciously) just to read.

So by making a blog that TheSaltinez is having a giveaway valued...hmm around $1,500 dollars, you can help me. How? Just hope that I'll win, because that'll make me a happier person and that means a lot more insults. Oh, and feed my cat. That's important. The prizes are:
  • Xbox 360 Elite + Resident Evil 5
  • Hanns·G HG-281DPB Black 27.5" Widescreen LCD
  • 12 Month Membership to
  • 1 Year RapidShare Account + Lifetime Platinum Megaupload Membership Account
  • Lifetime VIP Status

So let's see if I can have a little bit of luck.


Terminator vs. Robocop vs. Predator

Easily one of the most bad-ass and best edited movie mash-ups I've ever seen. Although the ending kinda sucked. Visit the mastermind behind all this at:


Computer Stupidities: Operating Systems

People don't quite realize how difficult computers used to be for everyday folk. If you think dumbasses with PCs are rampant now (that's not counting Mac users), imagine when they didn't even have a GUI (Graphical User Interface). In human words, having pretty icons, mourse cursors, taskbars, windows, maximize/minize and close buttons. Everything you're looking at right now is being displayed through a GUI, and you might even get lost.

So put yourself in the shoes of the people who only had this:

The upside to this is that you'd only have people that could read and comprehend what they read using computers, the morons would be filtered and driven away by the complexity. Well not so, the moronamus are so vast in numbers they managed to even annoy computer techs back then. Here are some stories of old, so you will not read anything about Windows XP or Vista. Courtesy of


A Modest Request

Sometimes I wonder if I have a knack for finding stupid and/or ridiculous people.

Meet raguwaran, an Indian coder-solicitant. I'll let his request do the talking:

I need someone to program me a new OS (Operasting System) that looks different than Ms Windows XP etc. but has the same style. It does not need to run on a mac but all the other PCs. It's supposed to have a stylish look with clear edges etc. And ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE JUST A REDESIGNED WINDOWS as I'm going to sell that operating system later on.

These are some important points :

It should have ALL THE FEATURES that Windows Xp Professional has.
ALL the files that run on Windows XP ust also run on the BlueOrb OS.
It must have a very user-friendly interface (like MS WINDOWS XP)
When it gets Installed, the user needs to insert a serial number.
It must be quick and good looking.

Normally I'd underline important bits, in this case I'd underline the parts where he contradicts himself but you might as well read the whole thing. I'm just wondering, what would you get if you replaced all the times he mentions computer components with something better?

I need someone to get me a woman that looks different than from the standard but has the same style. It does not need to stupid but have all the other aspects (hot, easy). It's supposed to have a stylish look with nice curves. And ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE JUST A WHORE as I may want to be seen with her later on.

These are some important points :

It should have ALL THE FEATURES that a whore has.
ALL the bitching that they do must also include make-up sex.
It must have a very user-friendly rack (like OM NOM NOM)
When it gets angry, the user needs to insert a penis.
It must be quick and good looking.
(No need to change that one)

Certainly an improved request, but impossible nonetheless.

Especially for his budget of $20-$100.


Overdue video card upgrade

I'm in the process of upgrading my video card, nothing fancy because any sort of changing my nVidia GeForce 5200 FX (128 MB) would be an improvement. I've had some fun times with it, but the time has come for me to let go. Now I'm getting an ATI Radeon x1650 PRO (512 MB) in order to enjoy some more recent games. Such as Path of Neo, Transformers and most importantly, Bionic Commando Rearmed. I'm lagging that much.

So here's some video card humor for ya.

(click for full-size)


Estrella Volcom / Volcom Star

Aprendan la diferencia, jodidos morones.

Learn the difference, stupid fucks.


The morons have won!

So it has happened. It was predictable but at the same unexpected, it was possible but absurd. Laws have succumbed to the people's stupidity. This time it was in London.

London has gotten rid of the apostrophes on the street signs.


My personal opinion on a country that has a queen and gives a fuck about it has been a degrading one, but this takes the cake. We're not talking about patriotic pride, we're not talking about idiotic stereotypes (crumpets, ol' chap?), no, it's about the English language.

It's funny yet sad because English, as the name would imply, comes from England. You'd think the last place they'd change a rule to the language would be anywhere near England, but apparently Londoners are at the end of the evolutionary scale, the one that went from dumb monkeys to slightly-intelligent humans to cheap human imitations of dumb monkeys.

How pathetic does a whole population have to be to have the government take something as common as a punctuation mark that replaces 'of'?
(Dreth's site = Site of Dreth)

I can understand how Europeans get off on mocking Americans, they're almost as easy targets as the French, but this is inexcusable. How hard is it to write down something that ends with an S without an apostrophe? It's better to see a lack of usage than this constant affinity of putting them on just about every fucking word. Even after 12 years of constant schooling, the education, as cheap as it may be, DOES discuss grammar rules. I may not be perfect when speaking/writing English but at least I know that you don't fucking say "I take a lot of course's" simply because it does not make sense!

Soon these same imbeciles will have you're/your fused because of their inability to speak their native language.