Record of the worst driver, without being a driver

A South Korean woman is more likely to be the first en masse killer behind the wheel.


This great genius-like individual has failed the driver's test about 775 times since she began her long journey, back in 2005. What's sad is that she keeps insisting on taking it once again (what's one more, right?), she's already up to 10 million won (Korean's currency, $6,800 USD), enough for you to buy two cheap cars.

I can understand failing some five times, be it by inexperience or plain nervousness, but more than 700?!?! Putting her on the streets after so many attempts spells doom, it's extremely dangerous. If that fucker couldn't do it on the first hundred tries, don't expect a lucky fart will make her "apt" for driving. I can imagine the agency already scared shitless thinking about the next test, but I hope their pity doesn't kick in or South Korean pedestrians are gonna be fucked. I forgot to mention, it's a 68 year old hag. Where the fuck is someone that's been living almost 7 decades heading to in a car? Gonna hang out at the local Ben-Gay factory?

The poor devil has hopes since the guidebooks to get a driver's licence says it can take up to five years. Wha---Fi-- FIVE FUCKING YEARS??? I don't think TIME is the factor here. To me it's the number of ATTEMPTS. Don't give her shit, she hasn't driven anywhere in the 6 decades she's been living, she can keep walking straight to hell, I'm sure it ain't far.

But just in case she doesn't feel like walking OR giving up, here's an exquisite solution:


  1. Haha aw. She's adorable. Who knows, maybe she drives reeeally slowly and wouldn't be a danger to anyone.

    "I believe you can achieve your goal if you persistently pursue it,"

    That one line is a winner, and you know it.

    Other than that, the whole story sounds like it's from a very cheesy and bad movie.

    GO CHA.

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