No end for The Vatican's ass-hattery

The amount of stupidity brought upon religion never seizes to amaze. This year's first candidate for Extreme Public Stupidity Award is one that also excels at being full of religious ass-hats.

The Vatican.

Earlier this week I read about one official from The House with Golden Holy Toilets being disappointed in recently appointed President Barack Obama because he lifted a ban on "Family Planning Clinics". More commonly referred to as abortion clinics.

This is actually a smart move by this man, maybe he sees the world for what it is, overpopulated. So this "official" goes on to "warn" about, and I quote, "arrogance" of those in power who think they can decide between life and death". As opposed to the arrogant rich old men that do nothing to help yet try to bark orders from the other side of the world.

Let's start out with the logical sense, which seems to be absent in Rome, in this ordeal. With abortion clinics you:

  • Control overpopulation
  • Control poverty
  • Give job opportunities
  • Fix families (by destroying them)
  • Give kids to impotent men
  • Give people without a brain a chance to grow one
The Bible has shown the world, if anything, that all your wrong actions can be fixed. They do it through a rehearsed soft whisper while you're on your knees, a prayer, in other words. Well in the real world, your wrongs may have REAL solutions, some quick, some not-so-quick, but if an underage, unwealthy, apathetic girl is raped and gets pregnant, she's in her right to decide if she wants to be obliged to carry, give birth to, and raise a poor bastard.
"If this is one of President Obama's first acts, I have to say, in all due respect, that we're heading quickly toward disappointment"
Blow it up your ass. Is the Pope going to raise your kid? Is The Vatican going to fund the kid's necessities and care for its well being? No? Then neither will a mother that would go to an abortion clinic. I'm sure you'd love an overpopulated world, with unhappy people and dying kids just to justify it all with the "coming of the end", comparing any and all bad images to the final day of your favorite fairy tale. Armageddon. What to do when someone gets in your way? Criticize the crap outta him. Find any and all incoherent arguments you have up your asses and feed them to the rest of the world, maybe if the shit doesn't smell too bad, we'll be able to swallow. Don't believe me? Check THIS out!
"We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental pollution caused by the pill"
Now the Catholics are "studying" things. Funny how they "study" only things that are full of shit and it's only claimed by them, instead of say, respectable and knowledgeable people such as.... I don't know... FUCKING SCIENTISTS, MAYBE? So male infertility is being caused by "the [antiseptic] pill", but they don't give a crap about that unless they mix it with their propaganda, "[it] means negating the intimate truth of conjugal love, with which the divine gift (of life) is communicated", so mindless procreation is communication? Damn right it is, it's telling you to STOP MAKING BABIES. It's weird how these Roman Catholics are obsessed with seeing more and more people running around without caring for the consequences. While a nice percentage of the world now struggles to use its brain in order to minimize the damage we humans do, these fuckers are trying to push us back into ancient times, where common sense was said to become a technological breakthrough.

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  1. ciertamente cierto!

    pero el aborto no me gusta pq si son mofles y cueras pa' preñarse que sean responsables de sus actos! tan facil que es unas anticonceptivos y esas pendejaces, pero q se les puede pedir a las cuponeras de este pais