The morons have won!

So it has happened. It was predictable but at the same unexpected, it was possible but absurd. Laws have succumbed to the people's stupidity. This time it was in London.

London has gotten rid of the apostrophes on the street signs.


My personal opinion on a country that has a queen and gives a fuck about it has been a degrading one, but this takes the cake. We're not talking about patriotic pride, we're not talking about idiotic stereotypes (crumpets, ol' chap?), no, it's about the English language.

It's funny yet sad because English, as the name would imply, comes from England. You'd think the last place they'd change a rule to the language would be anywhere near England, but apparently Londoners are at the end of the evolutionary scale, the one that went from dumb monkeys to slightly-intelligent humans to cheap human imitations of dumb monkeys.

How pathetic does a whole population have to be to have the government take something as common as a punctuation mark that replaces 'of'?
(Dreth's site = Site of Dreth)

I can understand how Europeans get off on mocking Americans, they're almost as easy targets as the French, but this is inexcusable. How hard is it to write down something that ends with an S without an apostrophe? It's better to see a lack of usage than this constant affinity of putting them on just about every fucking word. Even after 12 years of constant schooling, the education, as cheap as it may be, DOES discuss grammar rules. I may not be perfect when speaking/writing English but at least I know that you don't fucking say "I take a lot of course's" simply because it does not make sense!

Soon these same imbeciles will have you're/your fused because of their inability to speak their native language.

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  1. damn esto's cabrone's se guillan de idiota's. jajajaja

    esto e's asi porque la reina esta tan vieja que cuando ella fue a la escuela la's (') no existian.

    jama's pense que fueran una sociedad tan morona,ostia.

    te quiero mofletudo