Pointless Rant #1

This is the first of those rants that don't seem to go anywhere, just throwing in as much shit as possible. I wrote the following before finding out I had over control over what homepage I wanted to see after signing out sometime last year.

If you're like me, you may have more than one e-mail account, for whatever given reason such as:

  • Shorter E-mail
  • Cooler-looking E-mail
  • Spamless E-mail
  • Cyber-Girlfriends E-mail
  • Expendable E-mail for trolling forums
  • Only for Stupid-looking Porn Sites E-mail
  • Only for Better-looking Porn Sites E-mail
  • Only for Porn Sites that LOOK like they'll give you those 200+ Passwords to paid websites E-mail
  • E-mail for storing all the usernames and passwords for the previous E-mail accounts

Keep in mind that last one has the easiest to guess password.

Well, I have two on MSN.com, and as you sign out from one account, depending on where you live it'll show a different homepage. Since I'm Puerto Rico, MSN has the bright idea to bombard me with "MSN Latinoamérica" and its idiotic news.

I must emphasize that I've set that my content should be displayed in English and from USA (the normal MSN) but it only does so while signed in.

So I have to painfully look, at least for a split second, that hispanic garbage of a page that seems to either reflect the taste of idiotic brazilians or something far worse. A "truth" I refuse to believe. That all of South America is full of demonic football/fútbol (that's soccer for you Gringos) fanatics and will ignore anything short of concerts of crackheads or anything with Hugo Chavez.

See I'm not a fan of sports overall, but people diss baseball and USA so badly, they fail to realize those same idiots probably worship football. Your sport is not anymore exciting, running back and forth for an hour is mundane, you see it everyday, when old people that want to deny their knees are collapsing by walking around the block with 3 sweater jackets and NIKES from 15 years ago. Or when you go to the track field just to spot sweaty camel toes. Just because there's a ball in front of them it instantly grants them into the Hall of Fame of entertainment. No. Me chewing an orange-flavored condom is more quality entertainment.

You'd have to be even more brain-dead than a reggaeton fanatic to be one of those assholes that wreck stadiums just because their team lost. Don't go thinking I'm into baseball or defending it, I'm just against the spastic faggots that try to insult one sport yet idolize another sport equally, if not more, absurd than Napoleon Dynamite having a sequel.