Sep 14, 2014

Late Happy 9/11 Post

For those that follow me on Facebook, I had completely forgotten about 9/11 up until September 9th and even then I had to come up with a concept that wasn't lackluster but not too overly complicated because my time was very limited because of my shift and the overtimes so I had maybe about 4 hours to put it together (1 on the 9th, 2 on the 10th and about 45 minutes in the 11th itself) and managed to come up with this:

I wanted it all to be pixelated but drawing the towers from scratch would be time consuming and I went video/screenshot hunting for anyone that had built the Twin Towers in Minecraft.

The quality of Samurai Shodown's Houmaru was thanks to having, by chance, my M.A.M.E. emulator handy and grabbing screenshots from the iconic (at least to me) game introduction. I remember him slicing up two lamp posts being one of my favorite things ever, second only to Super Street Fighter II's Ryu hadouken intro sequence. So the concept was there, but the art was going to suffer because I wanted to post SOMETHING on 9/11. In the end, I wasn't satisfied but I bowed to set things right by fixing what I could AND making it animated.

(Bigger version)

Keep in mind I hadn't animated anything ever, besides a lame banner for my [very, very] old website Cold Theorem, later known as Black Epiphany. So I went with the old frame-by-frame approach and at least I got something worthy of adding to the gallery of Happy 9/11 posts (shown below). Hope you enjoy it!






2007 (this one was made in 2013 but I'm filling the gap since I did nothing in 2007)




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