Sep 3, 2013

Huh-huh Happy Nine uh...

In a shift from my typical modus operandi, I'm going to celebrate the anniversary of 9/11, a.k.a. the Terrorists with Jewfros and Nasty Beards and Countless Stereotypes Attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers by basically caring too much about not caring.

What's different this time around is that I'm posting it before 9/11, as opposed to doing it on the same day.

I figured that people start searching for information, conspiracy theories, videos and pictures a few days prior and it hits its pike on September 11th. After that, nobody gives a shit.

So, here it is, Dreth's Blog's 2013 Happy 9/11 Anniversary entry!

(Click for bigger buttknockering)

Beavis & Butt-head are my favorite animated TV show and basically overall TV show, right up there with Mr. Bean and The IT Crowd. I always try to land a reference to the 80's because I still think it was 10-15 years ago, but no, Beavis and Butt-Head's debut was 20 years ago! Well, 21 if you count  Liquid Television. This picture is based on two things, besides the obvious World Trade Center crap.

1) The concept and poses are almost entirely taken from the duo's feature film's intro scene.

2) Butt-head's constant verbal abuse towards Beavis, but more specifically the incredibly violent reactions caused by the word "buttknocker". As evidenced here:

As for the technical stuff, I used Photoshop CC for this, it's nothing I couldn't have accomplished in one of the older versions but I'm going to be trying from 3D at some point in the future. After I drew and painted Beavis, I wasn't sure if I was going to use Butt-Head at all, but after drawing Butt-Head with the Pen Tool, it made things so much easier that I decided to go back and re-draw Beavis with it. I couldn't get quite the pose I wanted for Butt-Head, which was for him to be leaning forward and looking down on the tiny people. The only thing NOT drawn with the Pen Tool was the logo's lettering as well the background sky (which is just a touched up picture).

Sep 1, 2013

The Little Chalkboard

Whenever I get drunk and I'm hanging out at Wimbo's Rock Bar, this little chalkboard next to the pool table starts speaking to me in tongues. The only way to make it shut up is to defile its face.

Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth)

Freddy Krueger