Jul 20, 2012

The Shot Knight ain't rising

So this morning I started seeing a flood of a news report, apparently someone had opened fire on dozens of innocent people at a Batman: The Dark Knight Rises premiere. The primary suspect is James Holmes, who seems to fit in a typical Gotham super-villain gallery when it comes to mug shots.

Not only that, allegedly he posted a warning on 9GAG (the site of all things lame on the Internet), it is nowhere to be found, because 9GAG protect their own sick ass-rammed users. Here is the screenshot in question:

Obviously legit.

But what baffles me is... I'm still surprised the Christopher Nolan faggot fans of his Batman movies haven't caught up with the real purpose of this situation.

Jul 10, 2012

To judge or not to judge? That is a stupid dilemma.

Judging seems to be the next taboo to take over now that gay marriage is sooo last decade. What happens to most taboos is that at first it is shocking, appalling even, later on it becomes somewhat unacceptable to "as long they don't touch me" until it converts into "to each their own" or "that's a common thing now!".

Judging, by comparison, should have followed suit and become acceptable, even more so when it has, is, and will always be a common thing. And after that. And then some more! It will always be a common thing.

Now. normally when taboos are battled in the Arenas of Moralism, it's mostly backed by anyone with a brain and shunned by Bible-thumbers or conservative folk that do next to nothing than opposing anything new or radically harmless. Yet judging defies this "rule", AGAIN! (we've got one hell of a rebellious taboo on our hands) Case in point, take this picture I found on Facebook.